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If you’re on Tiktok, you’ve probably come across Carlyn Ocampo’s #WagKangUmalis dance challenge a few months back. The artist behind that viral quarantine hit is now a art of our family, and we’re happy to welcome Nobrvnd! Please stream his latest single “Wag Kang Umalis” and “Bakit" now on all digital platforms worldwide.

103.9 Voice FM based in Southampton, England Had its annual Voice Awards. For the 2020 Voice awards ili was nominated on June 5 for “Future Anthem Artist Of The Year” along with a number of other artists from The UK pop scene. With ili’s cool and well rounded vocals paired with a thumping “in your face” sound to compliment it; on June 7 ili was declared the winner of the “Future Anthem Artist Of The Year” followed by Cally Rhodes and Call MeLoop in the second and third respectively.

EJ De Perio and Keiko Necesario’s song “Balang Araw” was featured last June 21, 2020 On National Television. The song was covered by Mark Bautista, Christian Bautista and Julie Anne San Jose for GMA’s “All-Out Sunday’s” Father’s Day Special. The song was featured along with the stories of Filipino overseas workers. Balang Araw captured the emotion of longing for love from a distant place, Christian, Mark and Julie Ann gave EJ’s song justice with their rendition, reminding us that love is there wherever in the world we may be. We have some amazing collaborations happening this month. DJ and producer, and half of the duo Those Damn Nerds, Miaow has been teasing on her social media an amazing, unexpected collaboration with rock legend, front man of Kjwan, Marc Abaya! We’re definitely excited to hear what the finished product is going to sound like.

Sepia Times just released the music video for their single “Pills” with an interesting disclaimer. We won’t give too much away, but just be prepared, because the visuals on this video are not meant for the weak!


Many of our artists are turning to the Internet as their go to venue for gigs and performances. So we are excited to announce that one of this scenes’ missed productions has come back, and that is Open Door Artist’s live division, Originals Only. Please catch “Originals Only ONLINE” every Wednesday at 11PM on the Originals Only official Facebook page, and at 11:30 on the official Youtube page. The show replays on Saturdays at the same time. Jason Steele is on the show presenting music news from all around the world, with Mikee Misalucha providing the introductions to the artist or bands performances. Each week, we will feature a brand new artist or band, performing original music, continuing the Originals Only tradition! If you would like to perform for Originals Only, please email CURRENT RELEASES

EJ De Perio – Tama Na instrumental

Tama Na showcases what EJ is all about. The mix of a bright and full folk guitar complimented with simple percussion, orchestral strings, a smooth deep warm bass line, minimalistic dynamic keys and a well blended slightly reverberated vocal give us the familiar yet new kind of OPM that just brings us closer to home.

St. Wolf – Gary Vince (Loneballoon)

Amazingly crisp production of a song made famous by its absolute unit of a riff, beautifully syncopated drums, resilient Goliath-like bass line and a slowly creeping beast of a guitar tone. Now filled with bright guitar scratches and percussion, deep bass lines, clean pronounced keys, and well rounded vocals to tie everything beautifully together, Loneballon has done an amazing job of giving Gary Vince a remarkable remix which gives the original version justice while combining the musical prowess of both artists.

Nikki Bagaporo - Circles

A familiar sound to the International music scene but one rarely seen in our local scene, Circles combines its deep house melody with slightly low passed beats and laid together around Nikki’s simply powerful vocals makes “Circles” an amazingly well rounded song and something to look forward to Nikki’s future releases.

Tihtus - Chase

A twangy Tweed tone one that reverberates with a bright ambience and warm emotions. Chase has given us something to feel despite Tithus’ minimalistic approach. A song with less that says A lot. Chase is a song for all the rainy Sunday afternoons to come, a long drive going home after work and an emotion as plain and human as love. Chase proves that sometimes simplicity can help express complex emotions.

DENOVA - Brighter Days

Denova brings in the combination of well produced and tight pop beats, heavy precisely crunched guitars, ambient synths, a thick lingering bass line and a powerful yet tamed vocals bringing out the familiar sound from the early 2010’s pop rock scene amazingly delivered in a modern and “In your face” sound that is sure to sweep listeners off their feet.

Sepia Times - Pills

Sepia Times brings in a euphoric feeling of calm with their new song Pills. The constant chops in the intro, minimalistic synths and beats compliment the half times and smooth transitions making each vocal chop stand out as its own entity. Pills is one of those songs you can chill in your room to and be “wide-asleep” to, bringing a new taste for listeners to experience.

St. Wolf - Jealousy (Tequila Sunrise Mix)

Jealousy with its “Precise Heavy” sound had its ferocity to give it its appeal making it a song to bang your head to in a beautifully syncopated beat. Tequilla Sunrise brings about a ferocity to this remix in its own right, with a mellow tropical trap melody mixed in with deep house beats, synths reverberating ambience around and vocals with a dark warm feel to it this remix has given Jealousy an appeal that make it feel like its an entirely song on its own and pay homage to St. Wolf. At the same time.


Look out for more releases soon from Jordan Rabjohn (UK), Ili (UK), ST WOLF (Philippines), EJ De Perio (Philippines), Travis Atreo (United States), and DENOVA (UK)!

You also don’t want to miss Keiko Necesario’s release this July. If you have been keeping tabs on her social media this past June, you must have noticed that she has been teasing a new look, and hopefully a new refreshing sound to match. Everyone is excited to hear what’s next from Keiko!

Asch also has been teasing an interesting collaboration that is due to come out this coming July, and it is with none other than Clara Benin! Keep your eyes and ears pealed on that release date!


Mikee Misalucha, just forget (Viva Records) Philippines The Sundown, Uwu, Philippines EJ De Perio, Balang Araw (Warner Music) Philippines Three Legged Men, Know How (Sony Music) PHilippines Sepia Times, BreakFast (Sony Music) Cebu, Philippines ST WOLF, Sana (Warner Music) Philippines Mumai Aligada, 2:01 (Bandmate Distro, Downorth Musique) Philippines Sabu, New Season (Viva Records) Philippines Asch, Drown, Philippines Jason Steele, Rainbow (Viva Records) Philippines Roy Antonio, Pursue (Warner Music) Philippines Mica Caldito, Arrive (Warner Music) Philippines

ili, Breath (Level Music) United Kingdom Jordan Rabjohn, 90s Kid, United Kingdom

Travis Atreo, Love Drunk (Warner Music) Los Angeles, CA

Martin Novales, Free Fallin’, Los Angeles, CA

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